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I'm working in a house of cards ...

I'm amazed anyone can run a business in this manner ... but then again, no one is really running the company I'm working for.

We're going to get sued, because of the geriatric veterinarian who does most of his work half-asleep and in the fashion of 40 years ago ... problem is, we can't even figure out who is responsible. He's an independent contractor, so he should be carrying his own liability insurance ... but no one has ever bothered to check up and see if he has any ...

I got a call from a pissed off referring veterinarian this morning. He said that he had called four times over the last two months trying to get brochures to give to his clients. I know he isn't exaggerating, I've seen the notes left for my manager to please send brochures to that hospital. And I know she doesn't do half of what she's supposed to do. Now this vet that I spoke to provides about 10% of our referrals (i.e. 10% of our income). I would think keeping him happy with us is a priority, but I think I may be the only one there contemplating such radical ideas.

So in the interest of keeping this nice veterinarian happy, I make a 45 minute detour after leaving work to hand-deliver a stack of brochures to his hospital. With my name, and the instruction to please contact me if there is any further assistance we can provide.

I spend nights there wondering why I meet such resistance trying to make improvements. The tech who was formerly tech manager, the position I am now in, is fighting every little managerial action I try to take. Dr. Harris thinks she's resentful that I have taken some of her authority. She gave up the job because she had to drop to part time. It's not like I took anything from her ... she didn't want the job anymore. But it seems like she doesn't want anyone else doing it either.

I hope it works out without too much drama.

I think I may come out and pretend to be social tonight. Assuming I wake up at a reasonable hour.

I'm supposed to meet up Thursday with my friend Lacie ... a girl I have literally known since birth. There are very cute pictures of us playing together as infants. I hardly ever get to see her anymore ... she's a teacher now ... kind of a scary authoritative position to me. Anyway, I'm all happy we're going to get to hang out.

but now, i sleep ...

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