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Miscommunication, but no malevolence

So, the issues of monday appear to be resolved ... I am not angry.

I spent yesterday evening before work at Michael's house, after driving in the rain for quite a while ... went to work at midnight and there were four patients in the hospital ... quite a caseload for La Habra. But a quiet night really, without incident. Dr. Croley is trying to talk me out of quitting ... I should know tonight.

The real fun after work ... went to the dentist, got shot up full of novacaine, and had most of the teeth on the right side of my face drilled on. Not pleasant at all. I wanted to get it all done today, but my dentist wants to split it over two weeks, so next wdnesday the left side of my face gets drilled on.

Half my face is numb. I keep biting my mouth accidentaly. This feels weird.

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