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Out in purple

I'm coming out tonight ... I have extracted from Michael half-promises of dinner, and I don't want to sit in here all night ... I've put together an obnoxiously purple outfit and i'm almost ready to go ... not lagging too badly for once ...

I find it hilarious to know how many people really can't stand each other ... but they all pretend ...

Oh. Poor Flea just got his claw caught in my fishnets ... that was traumatic for both of us ...

Last night at work was a total disaster ... just as I was coming in and the other tech, Rick, was supposed to leave, A coyote attack cat with crushed ribs and head trauma and a hemoabdomen dog that needed emergency surgery came in at about the same time ... Rick ended up staying until about four to help with the surgery, and driving to Tustin to pick up blood to transfuse, as it was pouring out of this poor dog. And in the end, the owners decided to put it to sleep, as we found a huge, spreading tumor in the abdomen.

It was really sad. We were all a little weepy.

After we put the dog down, i had the opportunity to explore the abdomen before we closed it up. That was all sorts of neat. I was able to find and identify all the organs, and it was a really unusual type of tumor on a dog. Prostate mass, firmly attached to the dorsal wall of the abdomen, invading the neck of the bladder. First time I've ever seen prostate cancer in a dog.

So then, it's almost 5 am, I've got a dead dog with an open abdomen, about a liter of blood has been distributed around the floor and walls of the surgery room, I've got a coyote attack to take care of, and I've also got to do all my standard hospital cleaning. And get it all done by 8am.

You can assume how the rest of my night went.

But now, I've got 3 days off ...

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