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Well, my head feels better.

12 hours and three naps later, my head doesn't hurt anymore.

I don't get headaches too often, but when I do ... eek. I reached the point today of lying on the couch, head under pillow, nauseous and trying to make the light not exist. A bit less than fun, really.

I guess I'm lucky in that I can sleep through it ... when nothing kills the pain, i am still able to - no, i am likely to - go to sleep. So sleep I did. I woke up last at 3 am, and I can't really get back to sleep just yet, so I dyed my hair (a little more orangey than I'd like, but it's ok) and went to del taco, cuz a quesadilla sounded really good.

I really need to go get my ends trimmed. My hair is getting a bit tattered about the edges. I am going to keep growing my bangs out, though ... i just wish they would get past this awkward stage. I would like to not have to bobby-pin them down to prevent them from falling in my face.

I found a new free image hosting site, so i can inundate you all with even more lame pictures ... muahaha.

There was so much to be done today ... the house is still a mess ... i was going to clean and got very little done, due to my inability to open my eyes or sit up for most of the evening ... maybe (ha!) I'll get it done tomorrow ...

fuck ... i hope i can get back to sleep ... I'm not even tired ...

So i found out today, when talking to Lacie, that two of my brothers friends at the river thought it would be a great trick to steal my kneeboard and destroy it by towing it down the gravel roads behind a quad. Ha ha. Funny. I am, as far as I know, the only person down there who even rides a kneeboard anymore. Everyone else went over to wakeboarding years ago. But I still love my kneeboard. Of course the little bastards had to steal MINE.

So Lacie makes mention of this, and I had no clue what she was talking about. She's like "oh, you didn't know?" No, I didn't fucking know ... so I call my mom to find out what the fuck happened. Apparently, no one was supposed to tell me until the boys that did it bought me a new board, because she knows what I would do to them.

I may be making an impromptu trip to the river sometime soon to kick some teenage boy ass. I've had that board for close to 10 years. Yes, it's old, yes, it's worn, and yes, I don't get a chance to use it too often anymore. But it is mine, and I love it. And if it has not been tossed yet, I may use it to crack the skulls of those kids.

I do find it entertaining that when my mom confronted the boys about it, she used me as a threat ... i.e. "you guys better hope Kasey doesn't find out abut this." She knows me. They know me too, which makes me a bit surprised that they would dare touch my stuff.

no, i'm not really prone to violence ...

sometimes an excuse makes things fun ...

thinking of your warm skin, as i touch cold steel...

tomorrow ... today, really ... I'm going to OC in the afternoon, stop by michael's work, go by my mom's and take care of her dog while she's gone for the weekend ... I think I may just stay down there until work saturday, it might make things simpler ... it depends on what I end up planning for sunday ... I'm getting my tattoo sunday ... :)

So anything going on Friday night in OC?

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