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I hate voice mail.

I hate talking on the phone in general. Having a one-sided conversation with a recording device is even less fun.

I've called my doctor twice today, and been dumped into the nurse's voicemail both times. The receptionist said that she probably won't return calls until the end of the day. I'm not a woman of much patience right now.

I really am not sure what to do here. I am out of options. Along with cigarettes.

Michael has left, he's got class tonight and so do I. So I'm alone here, playing DX-Ball and talking to my dog. I can't believe what he puts up with ... I've been insane all weekend, crying all last night, barely able to function today. Sleeping when he's awake and trying to keep him awake when he wants to sleep ... he's more tolerant of me than I would ever be, and I love him for it.

Brent is in jail again. No big surprise, I knew ... he doesn't ignore my pages without a good reason. But i got a letter the other day, that confirmed what I thought. So now I have a friend in jail to write to, again. I'm used to that, but I've gone a while without one. He didn't tell me how long he will be in for. I know what he does, so depending on what he got caught for, it may be quite a while. It was inevitable, especially after his family started sending the cops after him.
I sent a letter back today. I can't remember to pay my bills, but i promptly respond to jail friends.

I guess I should be getting ready for class ... 3 hours of my boring teacher's thick accent, trying not to fall asleep, drawing in my notebook and waiting for class to end ...

i do too much waiting ...

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