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Gettin' spayed.

Three months of "counseling" ...
One booklet explaining that it is, in fact, permanent ...
One State of California i-swear-this-is-really-what-i-want-no-one-is-making-me-do-this consent form ...
10 minutes of "are you sure you don't think a diaphragm would work for you?" from my doc ...
15 minutes of "you'll change your mind in 10 years. Then what are you going to do?" from my mom ...
Gotta fight my insurance company ...
One more surgery on my already hacked to pieces abdomen ...

And I will be barren as death valley.

Dr. H.: So what are you going to do if Prince Charming comes along and wants to have kids?
Me: If he wants to have kids that bad, he isn't Prince Charming.

Dr.H.: Do you have a plan if the insurance company refuses to cover this?
Me: No, but I do have a lawyer.

My doc is actually being great about it ... she is presenting me with all the challenges, which is fine and necessary, but this was decided in my head years ago ... the only way to win the battle with my uterus ...

And I am feeling much better this morning.

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