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"Maybe we should just put on some cartoons and order him a pizza."

Dogs breaking into the pot stash is a bad thing ... and the owners are always so embarrassed ...

Dogs don't react well to eating large quantities of pot. It drops their blood pressure significantly. This poor thing tonight, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, kept dozing off and then startling itself awake. She couldn't even get up to pee.

She got into the owner's supply and ate 1/8 oz of good weed ... not a lot that can be done, treatment-wise, except put the dog on IV fluids and wait it out ... Rick suggested the pizza and cartoons.

not a lot going on ... I'm in oc until sunday morning ... dogsitting and working ... I've got a doctor's appointment in the afternoon with a doctor I don't like because my prescriptions are old and my pharmacy won't fill them (I'm never going to NOT NEED INSULIN, you fucks!). I work at night ... then I'm kidnapping my boy for sex and videogames (yeah, I'm 14 at heart).

I talked to an old friend today ... i hate hearing my friends talk of drugs ... especially one of the ones that use to ride me the most about my usage back in the day. "I'll never ..." Bullshit. you are now. But her life, I don't care.

Sparky makes me laugh ... makes andy laugh a lot ...
the idea of beating up a mailman is just so absurd ...

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