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It sucked, but it ended well.

today was not the best day ... started with me rolling out of bed already late for a doctor's appointment. Spent two hours at the office, had my magazine stolen from me in the waiting room, and got poked for blood repeatedly and the motherfuckers couldn't hit a fucking vein. I could feel the vein. I could SEE the vein. But apparently they don't teach anatomy at whatever physician's assistant course these dumb bitches went to. so both my arms have needle marks, but i still have a full blood supply and have to go back tuesday when they (supposedly) have a phlebotomist there.
After that two-hour ordeal, i dropped off my prescriptions, changed into scrubs and went to work. I'll ignore the details and just say work was baaad. Crazy people are so draining ...
But, on the plus side, i watched a baby kitty be born. Totally precious. A little jet black kitten from a snow-white mom. As Michael so tactfully put it, "white kitty got some black meat." Which is utterly wrong, but it made me laugh when I could barely smile.
I was also working with the new girl, who is very smart, but very new. So I'm teaching her everything she has to do, on top of trying to do my own work.
And I find out halfway through the shift that she has the flu.
If I end up with the flu from her, I'm not going to be happy.

By the end of the night, I had a huge headache worked up.

I went by TC after work ... Kelly was very sweet and gave me medicine, and Andy was very sweet and gave me tea. Michael was very sweet and came home with me.

and then stuff got better. Much better.

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