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I'm cleaning my house. Really.

At least what of it I can reach from this chair in front of my computer ...
I'm just not so good at this cleaning thing. I should be proud of myself for just keeping it at the same level of mess. It seems so futile sometimes ... I'll get everything all nice and shiny, and then i'll trip and knock over an ashtray while the bird throws his food all over the kitchen and the cat yaks up a hairball on the carpet.
in short, i don't feel like I make any progress regardless of how much work i put into it.

I need to go to home depot and get screws for my shelf ... it's been sitting on my couch, fully assembled, for two weeks waiting for me to get the right screws for it. I've seen that section of home depot ... it's intimidating. My plan is to wear something cute, bring the shelf's instructions with me, look confused, and hope for assistance.

Got another letter from Brent today ... lucky bastard was looking at 6 years for a multitude of quite serious charges, it went to trial, and he got 135 days, of which he has to serve 87. I think this scared him enough to straighten up a bit. Also, his girlfriend is preggo ... scary, that one spawning.
I really do hope he does well.

I sorta went to a protest tonight. I was there ... I'm not much for yelling or carrying signs, but I was there ...

I'm coming down tomorrow ... I need to go into work and get some paperwork done ... thanks to my co-worker not showing up on tuesday, I was too backed up doing her job to do my own. After that, I'm going to hang out with Heather. Jay and Aronda are in town for a little while, and since I wasn't able to go to their wedding, I haven't seen them since the funeral in December. It will be nice to see them again, and i never see Heather enough.

Friday, I get to see the fishies ...

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