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Sparkly pink octopus

Lesson learned for the morning:
Do not stir-fry naked. Hot oil is, um, hot.

Lots of stuff yesterday ... I'm feeling rater lazy, so I'll skip the details ...

Went with Michael and Season and Brett to see the fishies, at the Aquarium of the Pacific. I was impressed ... lots of neat fishies, and crabs that looked like gigantic spiders, and spooky jellyfish, and otters that rolled. I had lots of fun, I didn't kill any small screeching children, and I'm really glad I went. Oh, and I touched sharks. Yay.
My mom wants to go ... she wanted to go yesterday, with all of us, but it was decided that later would be better. So maybe soon I'll go back with her.

After that, back to OC (which seemed to take forever, stops and traffic) and I left Michael at his house and met up with Nico. Cody's friend brought a kitten down from Riverside for Nico to see, and we drove to Buena Park to check it out. It was an adorable orange fluffy one, and she liked it (i'm so glad) so she took it home.
Finding people kitties makes me happy.
I'm also glad I got the chance to talk to Nico ... she's an interesting girl.

I was supposed to meet up with Heather and her friends last night, but when I got ahold of her, she said they were going to hang out at the apartment of a guy i don't like very much. So Michael and I decided to make a night in of it. We were both pretty tired anyway ... so we went and got food, movies, and beer. I made it through the first movie, but fell asleep right at the beginning of Matrix Reloaded. I didn't want to see it anyway, and Michael said I didn't miss anything.

It was one of those odd naps, where i thought I slept for maybe five minutes, but turns out it was over two hours ... blink and I'm awake ...

I got this nifty little toy at the aquarium ... I bought it because it was pink and sparkly, but it turns out it is useful too ... it's this little back-rubbing octopus thing. It makes Michael stop talking. So I had to buy it.

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