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I love sundays

... and Michael's work has fucked up my sundays for the next two weeks. Bastards, all of them.

Sunday is relax and recover day ... ignore the stresses of the world, snuggle up to michael and watch movies, drink, talk, smoke, play. It's serious therapy, for me at least. We both have the day off, no concerns until monday night.

And for two weeks, Michael is scheduled to work Sundays. If I didn't have school Monday afternoons, I would stay down there ... but getting up to Riverside is a three hour plan on Monday afternoons. And I would have the dog with me, which isn't going to work out.

I'm sure we'll figure something out.

I had a very enjoyable night last night ... turned off my phone, watched L.A. Confidential and Love and a .45 again, drank a bit of beer, got some high quality action. All in all, a wonderful night.

Now, school, and then work, and I may or may not be around tomorrow night. Maybe if you're lucky.

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