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List of everthing that has gone wrong in the last 3 hours.

Work is asking me to come in early, so in a few moments, I am on the 91, on my way to Newport Beach.

I got a 28/40 on the midterm. Sad thing is, I got one of the highest scores in a the class. My teacher is a jackass.

Flea's back is acting up again. He won't move. Not that he can't move ... but he acts like he's in pain when he does, and I've got it localized to the same spot on his back that hurt him before. I'm at a loss as to what to do at this point.

I think that's it for right now, excluding the usual - I'm broke, my bills go unpaid, my house is a mess, my bird has decided that he hates me, and I really want a drink but I can't have one because I'm going to work. Oh, and I'm almost out of insulin, still trying not to go to walgreens, and have no time to go by another pharmacy.

I really would like something to punch right now.
But I guess that's a bad thing. Not acceptable situation resolution, or something.

ok ... deep breath ... i can handle this tonight.

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